I found this video on BTA. Justice is relatively new to me, my sis introduced me to their stuff a while ago and I think it's got real groove quality. It's the type of sh*t that you can't really sit still to if you listen for a while. This video is pretty rad, it lands at the intersection of Home Box Office, Boogie Nights, Heavy Metal (why is this a recurring theme now?), and Reading Rainbow...which I think, if my math is right, equals LeVar doing blow and acid with a bunch of kids watching the HBO intro over and over


Props to South Park for the Heavy Metal shout out!


Back on the Pitch

Looks like some friends and I will be starting a co-ed soccer team in Glendale. Excluding intramurals in college, I haven't really played competitive soccer since high school but I'm looking forward to getting back on the pitch. What's funny is that I've been working this Nomis Football campaign so the timing works out nicely. Nomis is an Australian based boot manufacturer. A relatively new company, I believe they started in 2004, Nomis is looking to get a piece of the pie that currently belongs to the stripes and swooshes. Pumas are supposed to be the tits right now so I am curious to see how things work out for Nomis. The brand was founded by Simon Skirrow who was a VP at Adidas and aided the Predator launch. Apparently that was one of the most successful boot launches in history according to their press release. They boast superior comfort and protection on top of quality performance. I am usually faithful to the stripes and rock Adidas on and off the pitch, but I am going to give Nomis a try. I must say, the boots feel very well made and I think they'll give me a nice touch. They're stupid hard to find in the States and go for about $300 so they better be something spectacular. I'll do a full review when I get a chance to take them on the field. I was also kind of drunk and declared that I will average a hat-trick on the season. This was probably a bit ambitious, especially since I usually play in the back, but I'm up for the challenge. In the meantime, check out this video from the campaign. It took a little while for it to grow on me, but I still think it's a bit long. The music gets stuck in your head like walking in on your parents so be forewarned! Phil Mossman, who has done a lot with LCD Soundsystem, is the composer.



I'd hate to contribute to our inevitable idiocracy, I thought that movie was on point by the way, but this clip is just bizarre enough to make it on the list. I mean honestly, what the f*ck? Solamente tres palabras, La Pequeña Prohibida. Tengas miedo...

More ranting on this idiocracy theory when I'm not at work.

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