About Autobookography

Remember that commercial for the Army or Navy or some US armed force that asked, 'If someone wrote a book about your life, would anyone read it?' (If you don't, I will take this pepperoni and punch it through your head) Well hells the f*ck yes, I do some interesting sh*t!

At least that's generally my response. In the ADD instilling world we reside in it is very hard for anything NOT to be interesting. The problem is everything being interesting all at once--you say ADHD I say multi-tasking. Welcome to my new home for all things rantworthy and shiny, or at very least bookworthy. Although, there are books about everything so that's not really saying much but I think you get it.

Things you can expect to find here: ads, marketing, social news, personal rantings, personal adventures, philosophy, viral, shameless promotion, and the trillest of the trill, among other things of course...

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