I found this video on BTA. Justice is relatively new to me, my sis introduced me to their stuff a while ago and I think it's got real groove quality. It's the type of sh*t that you can't really sit still to if you listen for a while. This video is pretty rad, it lands at the intersection of Home Box Office, Boogie Nights, Heavy Metal (why is this a recurring theme now?), and Reading Rainbow...which I think, if my math is right, equals LeVar doing blow and acid with a bunch of kids watching the HBO intro over and over


Fred said...

That is pretty badass. They got the HBO logo down perfectly, and I really like that early 80s aesthetic they use.

Gonna have to add this to my YouTube faves; you know if these guys have done any other videos like this?

Anonymous said...

oh hey there you are. lol

You can grab some Justice on the Z drive, too. ;)